Friday, March 4, 2011

Me, Van Jones and My Favorite Mayor Susan Osborne

"Me with two of my adult hero's, Van Jones and Mayor Susan Osborne"
Wow, What a night.  The Plan Boulder Annual Event Rocked! and Van Jones was there to help make that possible.  I was wisked away by one of the Boulder City Council Members who took me straight to Van to introduce me.  He said "Oh yes, I have heard of Earth Guardians in Washington".  Then my favorite Mayor, Susan Osborne came to intercept and began telling Van about some of the Earth Guardians success's here in Boulder. I felt so much respect and love for both of these adults who I consider my hero's.  They are standing up and helping us, in our fight for our future.   We are not alone my fellow youth partners.  It was very obvious by the people that were in the room, that they are behind our very mission to save our planet.  They have been paving the way so it would be possible for us to stand and work by their sides.  Van mentioned the Earth Guardians during his talk a couple of times and I got to ask him directly if he and "Green For All"  one of his cool amazing organizations would support us with our iMatter Kids-vs-Global-Warming Campaign. He took my business card and said he would be getting in touch soon.  He is a busy man with an important job, but we would love it if he would return to Denver and March by our sides and speak at our Rally on May 14th, and I plan to ask him to do just that. We made a lot of cool connections and feel hope that together we can save our Earth!

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