Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And Evening With Bill McKibben

We had the honor of meeting and spending sometime with Bill McKibben tonight at a event at the Boulder Unity Church. We performed our song "Live as if our Future Matters", that we wrote for the iMatter worldwide youth led marches in May of this year. We hadn't planned on performing but Micah Parkin's from 350 who had seen us before a number of times invited us to do our song to open the event.

It was amazing the response from the crowd of several hundred. We got a standing ovation, and it made us feel so proud that our lyrics and music can inspire people to feel hope. We received so many thank you's after the event for our performance and our contribution to the Boulder Community.

We also had the honor of meeting Mayor Matt Appelbaum. We also appreciated his talk on renewable energy for Boulder! He was really cool and seemed easy going. We had a nice time talking to him and taking some pics. We really see him as an ally and look forward to working with him on issues that will directly affect our future.

Bill's talk was very inspiring and eye opening. We are aware of our global crisis as Earth Guardians but hearing someone like Bill tell us what is happening all over the Globe with Climate Change and collapsing eco systems it made me realize how important our work is and it made all of us at Earth Guardians want to work harder.

Thank you Bill for fighting for our future! And a huge thank you to the many many people in our community who are also on our team and care about our future and future generations.

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