Saturday, October 16, 2010

Earth Guardians, Harper Var and Xiuhtezcatl Roske meet Al Gore

Amalia, Harper, Xiuhtezcatl and I had the honor of attending a fundraiser for Congress Woman Betsy Marky in a beautiful Chautauqua Park Home where the kids got to meet not only Al Gore, but Jarad Polis and Besty Marky as well.  Al Gore gave such an strong speech with so much passion and a urgent message that the time to act is NOW. He talked about the extreme climate disasters that happened around the globe this year,  and said we have passed a tipping point and our children are going to feel the consequences.  He talked about speaking with 1,000's of youth who are standing up with him against Climate Change. (see some of his speech on our Video Page)

Harper told him and Congress Woman Besty Marky about Earth Guardians and the International iMatter March we are helping to Coordinating... and Al Gore commented on Alex Loorz the visionary of the iMatter Campaign. What great allies to have on our side!

Their is an amazing movement of youth and like minded people that is growing and could possibly change the direction we are headed!  It will take everyone of us making a commitment to changing our carbon habits and supporting the younger generation whose voices will be heard!  

Please join the iMatter Campaign right here on our site or you can go to the Face Book Cause page for iMatter kids-vs-global-warming...Lets Live as if the Future Matters!

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