Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Earth Guardians at the AREDAY Conference in Aspen

Xiuhtezcatl meets James Cameron Director of  Avator
Dear friends, The AREDAY conference we attended in Aspen Colorado was over the top Awesome!  It impacted us in ways that we never expected. Inspiring and hopeful as well as tearful and heartbreaking. Listening to the incredible committed leaders who spoke at the AREDAY conference on Sunday... and who are really fighting for all of our children's future... gave us so much hope!

And listening to the facts from leading experts on where we are at right now globally pushed all of us in the room to make even stronger commitments, to work harder and faster to try and stop some of the devastation our children and future generations will suffer if we don't act now.  The movement to change the direction we are headed is growing stronger everyday as more and more people wake up to the fact that our children matter...  future generations matter... and that every choice we make everyday affects what their future will look like.

We made a lot of great connections and met so many people who we will work with as we build the energy for the iMatter kids-vs-global-warming March that will happen around the globe on Mothers Day of next year.  The message throughout the conference was a strong... one, on the importance of supporting our children in connecting with the Earth and learning to care for her in a way that many of us adults were never taught, as well as the importance of bringing Earth Education into our school systems...

Xiuhtezcatl and Louie Psihoyos Director of The Cove
Here are a couple of pics of some exciting moments... one of Xiuhtezcatl with James Cameron, the director of "The Avatar Movie", and Louie Psihoyos the director of Oscar winning movie "The Cove", he had a great connection with them both!  Warmly Tamara Rose Roske

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